Bramblecroft Gallery

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A group of Shetland Sheepdogs breed by  Bramblecroft

Tanzie at 12 weeks

Tanzie at 16 weeks

Watercolour painting of Tanzie

Summer at 8 weeks

Summer at 8 weeks

Summer at 3 months

Summer at 11 weeks

Summer at 5 months and a half

Summer at 7 months

Summer at 16 months

Summer at 17 months

Summer at 18 months

Summer at 18 months

The three puppies born of the mating between Kashire and Storm.
One bitch and Two dogs. The bitch is the first in line and is called Tanzie, second in line is Crocett and Mistly is the last in line.
All are doing well and happy in their new homes.

Jaz , BJ with 2 of their  puppies Vinnie and Boots at 9months of age

Puppy Group
Bramblecroft Tiger Tiger with litter sisters

Puppy at PlayShow Scotland
Bramblecroft Tiger Tiger as a puppy and a yearling

MixupApril's PuppiesAt Play
Shellthorn Easter Bonnet and her baby puppies,  Sparkle at 8 weeks

Kashie in the FlowersKashie
Bramblecroft Sexbomb as a puppy and as an Adult

Susie at 8 weeks

In The Flower Bed
Bramblecroft Lladro as a puppy and as adult


Puppy at 3 Weeks
Wispa as a puppy and as youngster

Shellthorn Mirage
Jazz (Shellthorn Mirage at Bramblecroft )

puppies born this year, Dizzy , Jaspa, Boots and Vinnie